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Its not a concert in the normal sense of the word.  With chanting we are all singing the same sounds together.  By taking this time to unify our voices, our breathe, our rhythm, we literally become one.

it brings us into harmony with one another. beyond words. bypassing religious or political differences. 

it enhances our evolution.  

My guru is in the face of the crowd who gathers to join.  I worship god by singing with you.  This practice is totally selfish.

I get high when I chant alone, but when it is done with others it just heightens the energy by a million fold.  I feel like doing this together is good for us.  good for our hearts and minds.  and that by taking some time to do this, this loving feeling spreads out to our friends, our family, and our normal daily events.

I do this because it is a burning of devotion.  the intense longing of the indivudual soul to be returned to god. well i believe that god is consciosness. since the deepest part of all of us is consciousness, we truly are, at our deepest level, one and the same.  we always have been and we always will be.

these appearences melt away.  our bodies are born, enjoy youth, become middle aged, then get old and eventually we disconnect from them. 

just like in sleep, we disconnect the consciosness from the body. 

i need you to do this practice.  meet me there~

i do not want to make things over mystical.  its not about me being special, i dont have shit.  all i have is a burning of devotion and a voice thats not horrible.  i'm a facilitator of the chant space.

i am the doorman.  i open the door



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